KC WELLNESS collaborates and partners with both public and private health groups. We truly believe the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. When it comes to improving the health of Americans, collaboration is essential. For us to meet our mission, to have a significant impact on the health of those we serve, we have partnered with several health organizations dedicated to improving health and productivity in the workplace.

As a specialized service provider of worksite based wellness solutions, we partner with benefit insurance providers, employee assistance providers and health management organizations. The synergist integration of our unique services provides the customer with a referral-based menu of quality tested vendors to meet there human resource management needs.

We offer customized wellness solutions for your customers to meet their business objectives. As part of the solution to escalating health care cost, we offer brokers the value of an experienced wellness provider with a proven track record of success.

We realize that employees are sometimes faced with personal or family challenges that interfere with their ability to maintain health and productivity at work. We have partnered with Wayne Corporation, an experienced Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider, to have a trusted affiliate for referral.

We provide evidence-based education and intervention programs as part of the continuum of care to promote employee health and productivity. To navigate the complicated health care market, businesses are looking for real solutions to mitigate health care cost while promoting employee health. We offer face-to-face coaching provided by our experienced credentialed employees to compliment care and disease management programs. Edumedics is our care management partner.

As an ethical corporate member of the business and health community we are active members of the Partnership for A Fit Kentucky and the Kentuckiana Health Alliance representing business and industry. We support the work of the Kidney Alliance of Kentucky.