KC WELLNESS, INC. has provided both individual and group health coaching since 1995. These programs are tailored to fit your companies growing health needs.


  Personal Health Coach:
Get the one-on-one support you need to follow through on your health goals with your own personal health coach. Build a personal relationship with individual sessions with a professional health coach.
  Telephonic Health Coaching:
Our award winning telephonic coaching program provides trained lifestyle coaches for the personal "how to" ideas and accountability needed to make lifelong changes to improve health. Available as a stand-alone program or as a companion to other group programs.
  Employee Assistance Programs:
KC WELLNESS offers Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) to bridge the gap between your employees' personal concerns and their job performance. Sometimes an employee's success at work is compromised by problems like drug and alcohol abuse, relationship issues, and other stressors. We provide assessment, referral, and short-term problem resolution services for employees and their loved ones.

  LifeStyle Tune-Up™:
This weight-management program promotes a healthy diet for life, focusing on research based dietary guidelines, strategies for dining out and the importance of increased physical activity in daily life.
  Fitness Quest™:
A fun team or individual competitions can motivate employees to be more physically active. KC WELLNESS provides these contests as well as on-site aerobics, stretching and strength training programs.
  Tobacco Cessation:
A group support program to help clients quit smoking or chewing tobacco. This program uses lifestyle change techniques along with the option of nicotine replacement therapy to achieve a tobacco-free lifestyle.
  Blood Pressure Management:
With the aging of the American workforce, the prevalence of High Blood Pressure, the "silent killer" has increased. This program focuses on medical compliance and dietary changes that reduce blood pressure in a support group format.
  Diabetes Management:
Practical advice from an educator to help manage the common lifestyle issues associated with diabetes related to diet, exercise, and communication with health care providers and family.
  Medical Consumerism:
Research shows a 3-to-1 ROI with this program:
A guide to using the medical system. Tailored to your insurance benefits, medical consumerism teaches appropriate medical care decision-making. Each participant will receive a Self Care Guide.