Population Health Improvement Helps Contain Insurance Cost

The Hopkins County Government "Jump on Life" Wellness Program starting in 2004 to help reduce health care cost for this employee group of 150. The program has achieved that goal. The County Treasurer, Cindy Jones, estimates that the program has saved the county 10-15% in insurance cost. With a strategically planned, long-term strategy, the employees of this county government have reduced health risk with group support and the cultural change necessary to maintain health improvement. The Biometric screening results of the cohort group of employees assessed in 2005 and 2012 shows:

  • A 3.7% improvement in Systolic Blood Pressure
    A 5.0% improvement in Diastolic Blood Pressure
    A 3.8% improvement in Total Cholesterol
    A 7.2% improvement in HDL Cholesterol
    A 7.4% improvement in LDL Cholesterol
    A 9.9% improvement in Cholesterol/HDL ratio

Details of how KC WELLNESS has implemented this comprehensive wellness program to achieve success are published in the document, Shaping Kentucky's Future. Follow this link to read more.

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