Fitness Challenges

Be proactive to prevent injury in your company. The KC WELLNESS multidisciplinary team combines an on-site job task analysis and job modification recommendations with long-term injury prevention techniques for employees and management.

  •   Injury Prevention:
    Designed for production employees to help reduce ergonomic injury risk through a work risk analysis, educational seminar, and fatigue reduction stretching exercises recommended by a Physical Therapist or Exercise Specialist.
      Office Ergonomics:
    Custom designed for the office employees in your specific work environment. This workstation evaluation and seminar includes a checklist on the design and placement of office equipment, chairs, and monitors. Stretches for fatigue reduction are recommended to prevent musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).
    Back Safety Training:
    Helps employees avoid strains, sprains, and other back-related injuries through workshop instruction and practice with proper lifting techniques and core strengthening exercises.